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Vitamins (Multiple, Oral)
Vitamins (Multiple, Oral)
Generic Name: Vitamins (Multiple/Oral) (VYE ta mins, MUL ti pul/OR al) Brand Name: ABDEK, Androvite, CalciFol, CalciFolic-D, Centamin, all 98 brand names.Centrum Cardio, Centrum Flavor Burst, Centrum MultiGummies, Centrum Performance, Centrum Silver Ultra Men's, Centrum Silver Ultra Women's, Centrum Silver, Centrum Ultra Men's, Centrum Ultra Women's, Centrum, Corvite 150, CyFolex, Diatx Zn, Drinkables Fruits and Vegetables, Drinkables MultiVitamins, Encora, FeRiva, FeRiva 21/7, FeRivaFA, Ferralet 90, Foltrin, Freedavite, Fusion Plus, Fusion, Genicin Vita-Q, Geri-Freeda, Geriation, Geritol Complete, Geritol Extend, Geritol Tonic, Glutofac-MX, Gynovite Plus, Hemocyte Plus, Hi-Kovite, Iberet-500, K-Tan Plus, Monocaps, Multilex, Multilex-T&M, Myadec, NeoMultivite, Nicadan, NicAzel Forte, NuFera, Nutrimin-Plus, Ocuvel, Ocuvite Adult 50+, Ocuvite Extra, Ocuvite Lutein, Ocuvite, One A Day Cholesterol Plus, One A Day Energy, One A Day Essential, One A Day Maximum, One A Day Men's 50+ Advantage, One A Day Men's Health Formula, One A Day Teen Advantage for Her, One A Day Teen Advantage for Him, One A Day Weight Smart Advanced, One A Day Women’s Active Mind & Body, One A Day Women’s, One A Day Women's 50+ Advantage, One-Daily/Iron, Optivite P.M.T., PreserVision AREDS 2 Formula + Multivitamin, PreserVision AREDS, PreserVision Lutein, Quflora FE, Quintabs, Quintabs-M Iron-Free, Quintabs-M, Replace Without Iron, Replace, Repliva 21/7, Strovite, Strovite Forte, Strovite Plus, T-Vites, Thera-Tabs M, Theramill Forte, TL-HEM 150, Ultra Freeda A-Free, Ultra Freeda Iron-Free, Ultra Freeda With Iron, Viactiv Calcium Flavor Glides, Viactiv Flavor Glides, Viactiv for Teens, Viactiv With Calcium, Viactiv, Virt-FeFA Plus, Vitafol, Xtramins, Yelets Baca Selengkapnya

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