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Have these meds ... N 100 white capsules, was give said to be gabapentin?

February 2020 Comment 2K Report
Have these meds ... N 100 white capsules, was give said to be gabapentin? Asked 8 hours ago by SwanKePankS Updated 14 February 2020 (2 hours 56 minutes ago) Topics pain, gabapentin, neuropathic pain, pill, capsule

Not sure what these pills are

Answer this question Responses (1) MA masso 4 hours 19 minutes ago


I have searched for a match and have not found anything.

A word of advice, never take any medication that was not given/prescribed to you by a profesional in this case a qualified Dr.

Regards, masso

MA masso 2 hours 56 minutes ago

Sorry for the typo "professional ".

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