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How long before meds kick in this is my 5 week on antidepressants for anxiety?

February 2020 Comment 5K Report
How long before meds kick in this is my 5 week on antidepressants for anxiety? Asked 4 hours 20 minutes ago by Flowers12 Updated 14 February 2020 (43 minutes ago) Topics anxiety, generalized anxiety disorder, anxiety and stress, antidepressant, antidepressants

Who can help , 5th week on antidepressants still feeling anxious

Answer this question Responses (1) WI WildcatVet 1 hour 32 minutes ago

Hi, Flowers!
It can 6-8 weeks for this medication to become fully effective. If your daily anxiety is severe let your doctor know and perhaps she/he can prescribe a few tablets of a mild sedative to get you through until your Effexor fully kicks in.
Everyone responds differently, but for me Effexor literally is a life saver and I would highly recommend trying to hang on and give it a couple more weeks.
Best regards,

FL Flowers12 43 minutes ago

Thanks , Anxiety there all day , heart pounding , tingling, all the usual stuff going on .
This is 5th week .
Thank you

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