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I am taking 150mg pregabalin twice daily for the last 6 years how do you deal with withdrawals?

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I am taking 150mg pregabalin twice daily for the last 6 years how do you deal with withdrawals? Asked 9 hours ago by Bragdon86 Updated 13 February 2020 (3 hours 6 minutes ago) Topics pain, neuralgia, pregabalin, withdrawal, dosage, spinal cord trauma, nerves, nerve

I have severe nerve damage and I’m a paraplegic at I find if I miss a dose I get so sick but there not working for the pain anymore. What’s the best way to deal with withdrawal?

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I strongly recommend you discuss this situation with your Dr. if you want to stop taking Pregabalin and have him/her help you with a discontinuation schedule of the drug in order to lessen or avoid the withdrawals form this medication.

Regards, masso

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