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Monistat-1 - Can irritation when peeing only after using Monistat be normal?

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Monistat-1 - Can irritation when peeing only after using Monistat be normal? Asked 5 hours ago by Skyjasmine999 Topics monistat, monistat-1, infections, acne, side effect, yeast infection, pimple

I’ve had yeast infections before. But this time I’ve gotten completely different side effects then I normally do. I got 2 pimple like bumps on my labia the day after, which I read can happen. They have already gone down and size. And it burns when I pee, not every time, but when it does its be annoying. But it doesn’t feel the same as when I’ve gotten a UTI. It feels like it’s towards the very end like some got stuck up there. But it’s been 2 days. I also read that can happen, but does it really?

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