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Vortioxetine - does it cause severe sweating?

February 2020 Comment 1K Report
Vortioxetine - does it cause severe sweating? Asked 3 hours 50 minutes ago by borncook Updated 13 February 2020 (1 hour 42 minutes ago) Topics vortioxetine Answer this question Responses (1) WI WildcatVet 1 hour 42 minutes ago

Hi, borncook!
Unfortunately this is a common side effect that affects some users starting an antidepressant:
"Common (1% to 10% of users): Hyperhidrosis" (that's the medical term for excessive sweating.)
For many people it's a temporary problem that resolves in a couple of weeks but it can be permanent in others.
Let your doctor know as there are some treatments, even some OTC's, that can be helpful. If it's really severe you might consider trying a different medication. Just because you respond badly to one doesn't necessarily mean you'll have problems with another.
Best regards and good luck!

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