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Vraylar - Why does it cost over $1000 a month even with insurance?

February 2020 Comment 4K Report
Vraylar - Why does it cost over $1000 a month even with insurance? Asked 7 hours ago by Susansole Updated 13 February 2020 (4 hours 60 minutes ago) Topics depression, insurance, vraylar Answer this question Responses (1) WI WildcatVet 5 hours ago

Hi, Susan!
Drug prices here in the States ARE higher than almost everywhere else but you also have to remember that it cost Allergan millions of dollars to research, develop, test, and market Vraylar.
Meanwhile, they are now using the proceeds from the sales of Vraylar to develop even better, safer medications.
Use an online price checker to find a pharmacy in your area with the lowest price... usually one of the larger chains like Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, etc. With Medicare I only co-pay $483 for 6mg capsules at my pharmacy. You might also ask your prescriber if she/he can get samples for you from the drug representatives.
Best regards and good luck!
P.S. Just my personal experience, but I have never been on another medication that was able to control my manic/depressive symptoms as well as Vraylar does.

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